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We believe, when we live in harmony with nature, when we follow the rhythm of the sun, and when we consume in moderation, we are truly balanced. People who live a balanced life, live longer, and healthier. Our love for nature and the quest for a balanced life is at the core of everything we do. Our products are plant-based because we believe it’s:
1.More ethical
2.More sustainable
We want to do our bit to minimize cruelty to animals, so we promise to use only plant-based ingredients in our products. We will also encourage our partners and employees to seek out ways to positively impact the welfare of people, animals, and our environment in whatever way we can.


Dr.Biswas Ayurveda tri-dosha synergy is an ever-growing family of Ayurvedic experts, nutritionists, food scientists, and curious minds like you.

Natural is good

All of Good Health Ayurveda's products are guaranteed to be natural and organic.

Here for your health

Our goods are created using the principles of the historical Ayurveda and the support of contemporary science.

No shortcuts

Products from Good Health Ayurveda are sourced in their most natural state.


Your simple guide to everyday Ayurveda

We understand the worries in your mind. Which is why we have pilled off the complications and left you with pure unadulterated nature. Crafted as fresh as plucked, we take the pains to go the longest route possible.

Learn from the past, created for the present

Bringing a modern touch to Ayurveda, We source, examine, undertake all traditional procedures as laid down in our ancient Ayurvedic texts. Taking ancient principles and the human soul, we create Ayurvedic products with a modern touch, thus helping authentic Ayurvedic nutrition meet the demands of convenience

Preserving Nature, one ingredient at a time

Years of study told us that freshest ingredients when matched with the right Ayurvedic process can result in nothing short of ‘natural, good health’. This is precisely why, our amlas are ripe-yellow, our wheatgrass arrives only on the 8th day of harvest and our aloe vera juices are fresh born 4 hours old.


Thank you for giving us a chance to serve you. We hope to continue bringing balance and good health to you and your family because good health cant’wait !


Safe, Tested and Certified

Our Certifications are a Standard of trust and quality assurance.

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